Ariana Gic, Writer and political and legal analyst

Ariana Gic

Writer, political and legal analyst

Director of the Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine

Co-leader of “Truth for Peace,” a public campaign calling for recognizing Russia as the aggressor state waging unlawful interstate war against Ukraine, a rogue state threatening world peace, and a state sponsor of terrorism.

Sanctioned by the Russian Federation according to the Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Personal Sanctions against the citizens of Canada, dated November 14, 2022

Select public advocacy initiatives

NATO Must Act in Ukraine Now!
Public call to NATO nations to stop THE humanitarian catastrophe caused by Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine. This petition is supported by former heads of state and government, members of parliament, government officials, diplomats, civil society organizations, scholars, journalists, activists, and people of good will from 72 countries around the world.
Multiple languages:

The Will and Courage to Stand Up to a Modern-Day Threat to World Peace
Statement by 16 former leaders of the countries of the world to the United Nations
English: EUobserver
Українською: Дзеркало Тижня

Stop Russia’s Lawfare Attack on Ukraine
Speech “Unmasking Russia’s large-scale lawfare attack” at the discussion panel “Rogue Actors Against Democracy” at 2021 Joe Biden’s World Summit for Democracy.

The World Needs an Honest American Russia Policy
Open letter signed by 179 political leaders, experts and intellectuals from Ukraine and abroad.
English: Politico
Українською: Дзеркало Тижня

Declaration of Support for the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine
Draft Resolution for US Congress recognizing Russia as an aggressor state for its unlawful war on Ukraine.
English: Atlantic Council

Select Publications

The Leadership of Courage: Ukrainian Security Guarantees for Europe
Multiple languages: European Pravda.

Ukrainian Security Guarantees
Multiple languages: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia.

Western policy for Russia’s strategic defeat
Multiple languages: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

Where Do We Stop Russia?
English: European Pravda

Drawing the Line Against Putin’s Regime
English: Inside Policy, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Ukraine Should Not Become a Sacrificial Lamb to Putin for Our Illusion of Peace
English: Euromaidan Press

Stand Arm in Arm with Ukraine
English: Emerging Europe

A Love Letter to Ukraine
English: Stop Fake

Blazing Dawn over Ukraine
English: Emerging Europe

Appeasing Vladimir Putin’s Russia Will Only Embolden It
English: Politico

No Peace Without Truth: An Honest Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine
English: Baltic RIM Economies

EU Must Get Real on Russia
English: EUobserver

Time to Face Facts on Ukraine’s Dead Ceasefire Deal
English: EUobserver

Russia Sanctions: Test of EU Commitment to International Law
English: EUobserver

Are the EU and NATO Serious About Bringing Peace to Ukraine? You Wouldn’t Know it from Their Language.
English: Atlantic Council

West Needs to Get Real on Ukraine
English: EUobserver

Minsk 2: The Big Farce of Western Policy on Russia
English: EUobserver

If Trump Wants to Show He’s Tough on Russia, Here’s What He Should Do Next
English: Atlantic Council