NATO must ACT in Ukraine NOW!

People from around the world call on the NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of the free world by taking ACTION in Ukraine NOW. NATO must show resolve to stop humanitarian catastrophe caused by Russia’s genocidal war.

We, the undersigned political leaders, experts, and representatives of civil society of Ukraine and of various countries around the world, call on the governments of NATO member states to act on your commitment to defend our common values of liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are under attack by Russia.

As people across continents witness the heartbreaking suffering of Ukrainian people under barbaric Russian attack, governments of NATO countries are at a decisive moment in history which demands a resolute action to finally stop Vladimir Putin’s rogue regime.

We ask the leaders of NATO countries to acknowledge three key points.

One, Putin’s Russia has become an outlaw terrorist state threatening world peace.

Two, Russia is waging a genocidal war on Ukraine to extinguish Ukraine as an independent nation.

Three, Russia’s main objective is to see the end of the rules-based international order.

That is why we call on the NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of a free world by taking action in Ukraine now.

We must all stand united to act because:

Russia’s genocidal war on Ukraine has the objective of extinguishing Ukraine as an independent nation. Russian armed forces are obliterating Ukraine with terrorist tactics which have caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Russian armed forces commit war crimes and crimes against the humanity on an industrial scale:

• The Russian army is directly targeting civilians. In only four short weeks, Russia has killed and wounded many thousands of civilians, including children and infants.
• Russia is deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure, including critical infrastructure, and erasing whole Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages making them uninhabitable.
• Russia captured two Ukrainian nuclear power plants and created a risk of a regional environmental catastrophe.
• Russia is using nuclear blackmail against Ukraine and the world.
• Russia is conducting mass expulsions of people from the cities it has captured, forcibly relocating them.
• Russian soldiers are abducting, torturing, sexually assaulting, and raping Ukrainian civilians on the orders of the higher Russian political and military command to intimidate and terrorize the civilian population.
• Russian forces are persecuting Ukrainians for ethnicity, language, religion, and political views.
• Russian forces are engaged in the unlawful appropriation and plunder of private and public property, including homes, businesses, factories, places of worship, etc.
• Russian forces are deliberately destroying food storage facilities, appropriating thousands of tons of Ukrainian wheat, and destroying critical infrastructure of the agricultural industry thereby exposing millions to the risk of starvation in Ukraine and food shortages in other countries.
• Russia’s war has already displaced over 10 million people, with more than 3 million seeking refuge abroad.
• In the midst of a once in a century pandemic, Russia’s war has forced millions of people into conditions of elevated risk to becoming infected with COVID, adding further risk to their health and lives.

NATO’s intervention in Ukraine would be absolutely legitimate and lawful.

• As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia is unlawfully preventing any effective action of the Security Council under the UN Charter to restore peace in Ukraine and prevent further humanitarian crisis.
• On March 2, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly, in a vote with overwhelming support, recognized Russia’s war as unlawful and demanded that Moscow immediately completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from Ukraine.
• On March 16, 2022 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its order for Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine, including by any irregular armed units directed or supported by Moscow.
• Ukraine may enter into agreements with NATO or any country willing to offer military help to Ukraine based on the UN Charter which secures Ukraine’s right of collective self-defence against an armed attack.

NATO is the only actionable force to implement the will of the international community to stop Russian aggression.

It is a chance for NATO to redefine itself in the twenty first century. The longer Moscow is allowed to drop dumb bombs and use precision missiles to level Ukrainian cities, the greater the scale and cost of destruction will be to the path of NATO’s involvement.

The objective of NATO’s mission in Ukraine will be to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe which carries international consequences far beyond Ukrainian borders.

Morality should not end at NATO boarders. NATO’s first action in Ukraine should be to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to protect civilian life and critical infrastructure, including Ukraine’s nuclear infrastructure, from intentional or accidental destruction by Russian forces. For that purpose, NATO can deploy anti-air defence systems and air drones to intercept Russian missiles targeting civilian populated areas in the sky over Ukraine.

We encourage NATO nations to form a united front at a time of unprecedented challenge to global peace and security which will define the future of our world for decades to come.

All our nations stand to lose from the unraveling of the rules-based international order. If we want the world to prosper, global security must take priority over limited national or commercial interests.

We call on NATO nations to provide all material, financial, and military assistance to the government of Ukraine to help it defend the country and defeat the aggressor.

By thwarting Russia’s aggressive regime in Ukraine, NATO nations will also be protecting the peace and security of the entire European continent and beyond. Help Ukraine to save Europe.

And finally, we call on the leaders of NATO nations to find the resolve to act on our joint responsibility to protect humanity from repeating the devastating lesson of history of the twentieth century when a fascist regime threatening the world peace was not stopped in time.