Put Putin on trial now!

Bring Putin to justice

Russia is wilfully, intentionally, deliberately trying to EXTERMINATE the Ukrainian nation and people. It is deliberately striking civilians and critical civilian infrastructure.

Putin is issuing the orders of genocide and crimes against humanity. He is a war criminal.

Russia has already committed the crimes. We know who is issuing the orders. We do not need to wait for the war to be over to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. We could have tried them yesterday.

In March 2022, Roman Sohn, Alexandra Chalupa, and I called for establishing a special UN International Criminal tribunal for Russia’s war on Ukraine to bring Putin & his criminal cabal to justice for their atrocities in Ukraine. Let’s not delay any further.

Putin & his cabal must be hunted down around the globe. The West should not leave backdoors deals open for Putin & the other Russian war criminals to evade justice.

There’s no peace without justice. And there is no justice without these criminals standing trial for their crimes.