We are well down the path toward all-out global war

NATO and the EU have allowed evil rogue regimes of the anti-democratic coalition grow in strength.

We are well down the path toward all-out global war.

There are concrete steps our elected leaders can take to help prevent this. But the window of opportunity is closing.

Instead of doing absolutely everything to ensure not only Ukrainian victory, but total crushing military and political defeat of the Russian Federation, the U.S., Berlin, and France are holding out for deals with Moscow. They are pursuing the path to ruin, not peace.

Instead of acknowledging the STATED goals of the anti-western coalition led by Russia, China, and Iran, and pursuing policies to counter this grave threat to democracy and international stability, our elected leaders are acting as if the West is a sacred cow that evil regimes won’t dare attack.

But there are no sacred cows, only larger prizes to be won. Smaller nations get attacked first. War tactics are practiced. Military weaknesses and strengths are felt out. Resolve of the enemy is assessed. And we are showing great weakness on many fronts.

Instead of DEFEATING Russia, there’s talk of “negotiated settlement”. Instead of CONTAINING China, there is talk of partnerships. Instead of ensuring China stops arming Russia through North Korea, the West pretends that line hasn’t even been crossed.

Instead of PROTECTING their citizens, our governments are selling us out to the growing Axis of Evil and Terror. Instead of helping Ukraine fight OUR fight, we are allowing Ukraine to be bled dry of its people, its resources, its economy, its soil, its morale. “Not our fight!”

But it IS our fight. Ukraine is just a stop along the way for Russia. Destroying Ukraine is an end in itself, and a means to a greater end to totally upend the western-led international security architecture. And our leaders are LYING to us by pretending we are not in danger.

Empty platitudes stand in for policy and resolute action to defend the free, democratic world. We are being fed to the wolves by the very people we elected to protect us. We have a moral and legal duty to help Ukraine. Our governments have a moral and legal duty to protect us.

We are failing Ukrainians. We have failed the Ichkerians (Chechens). We’ve failed the Georgians. The Syrians. And we are failing ourselves by ignoring that Russia has been conducting hybrid warfare against us for years. Our governments have a duty to fight that hybrid war and WIN.

Our governments have an obligation to acknowledge that hybrid war is being waged against us. And they have a duty to prevent that war from spreading to military aggression. Instead, they are inviting it with not only weakness and cowardice, but also with complacency & corruption.

I don’t want all out war. I cannot imagine anyone who enjoys life in free democratic nations wants that destroyed. But we are on that path. We MUST demand from our governments that they do infinitely better, because they are currently failing us profoundly.