Double standards for Ukraine.

I’d like to know how anyone can criticize Ukrainians for speaking Ukrainian – the official language of the country. How anyone can criticize the expectation that every citizen of Ukraine knows the country’s language.
Can you imagine criticizing Germans for speaking German?

I’d like to know how anyone can criticize Ukrainians who need to go to court to have their legal right to have goods and services provided in Ukrainian as “ethnonationalists”. How they can criticize the expectation that the official language of the country is treated as such.

Can you imagine the outrage in France if citizens could not receive goods and services in French? If communities of people born and raised in France never learned French? Couldn’t speak it? Chose to use another language in government positions?

Would we fault the Italians if they expected their citizens to know Italian? Would we fault them for being angry if their politicians publicly communicated in their professional capacity in another language? Would we say this was “not democratic” of them?

Tell the Dutch that they must drop the requirement that new citizens pass a language test demonstrating basic proficiency in their official language because it is ‘not democratic’ and a sign of their ‘backwardness’ and ‘ugly nationalist tendencies’.

Tell British parliamentarians it’s ok to use languages other than English as their preferred language of communication in their professional capacity and when dealing with constituents. That they shouldn’t favour English because it alienates those who don’t know the state language.

When you tell the Germans, French, Italians, etc. to stop being dangerous nationalists for expecting their citizens speak the official languages of the state, then you can send this same odd message to Ukrainians.
Until then, ask yourself why you champion this double standard.