Disappointing statement from the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine

Extremely disappointing from the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine.

Many Ukrainians are sick with anger and worry at how Ze has been subverting Ukraine’s defence sector, and over “efforts” like disarming soldiers and ordering them not to fire back, having forces ready to detain them should they defend themselves.

Second, Canada should not be lending credibility to Russia’s fake “peace efforts”, but acting as a moral leader and increasing sanctions, and critically, championing the TRUTH of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Instead, we see legitimization of the Kremlin narrative of “militants” in Ukraine. “Militants”, “rebels”, etc., are other terms for “separatists”. Russia doesn’t “lead” or “back”. It’s waging an unlawful war of aggression. Collaborators don’t change this fact.

These so called “militants” – i.e. collaborators who are part of Russian invasion and occupation forces – have no agency or autonomy. NOTHING except whether to collaborate with the enemy is within their power. They have no control over the war, only whether they support it.

There’s no “hope” to be had in clearly fake peace efforts on Russia’s part. Moscow has ZERO intention of ending the war. Its end game is to control Ukraine. Period. Until Russia is put into a position where it has no choice but to end the war, or until Ukraine surrenders, war will rage on.

The ONLY party that can “end the conflict” is the aggressor, Russia. The only way for Ukraine to do so is surrender. That is all a victim can do to end attack. Canada should not be prompting Ukraine to surrender, or applauding capitulation efforts.

Moscow almost IMMEDIATELY violated this “ceasefire” agreement – as any sane and reasonable being knew it would. Canada’s naive “hope” here makes it look like it is aligning itself with France and Germany’s hope for Ukraine’s limited defence and making concessions to Russia.

Everyone expected Moscow to violate the ceasefire immediately as it did, to test Zelensky’s resolve to enforce unpalatable conditions he has imposed on Ukraine’s soldiers to prevent them from defending themselves and Ukraine’s sovereignty.