Lies which allowed Moscow to escalate its war against Ukraine

It’s well understood that Ukrainians who have been cooperating with Russian genocidal invaders the last 7 months are COLLABORATORS committing TREASON.

No one says that these traitors are “pro-Russian separatists” “fighting Kiev” “in a civil war”. It’s a clear RU attack.
BUT somehow, treacherous Ukrainians who were collaborating with the Russian invaders from February 2014 until February 24, 2022, are known as “pro-Russian separatists” “fighting Kiev” in a “civil war” in Ukraine.

Is it FINALLY clear how STUPID the “civil war” lie is?

For more than EIGHT YEARS I have been fighting the Kremlin LIE of “pro-Russian separatists” and “Russia-led militants” and all other variants of “civil war in Ukraine that Russia backs”.

I faced fierce resistance from people, including friends of Ukraine, who said RIDICULOUS things like “it’s too big a mouthful to call them “collaborating traitors”, and called me “pedantic” “militant” “obsessed with semantics”.

NO. I cared about language reflecting the legal and political accuracy and truth of Russia’s ILLEGAL war of AGGRESSION.
Not using HONEST AND ACCURATE language about Russia’s genocidal war of extermination of the Ukrainian nation and people allowed Russia to wage illegal aggression in the comfortable shadows of LIES, and allowed Moscow to escalate to where we are today.

If you understand that local collaborators are just that (a reality of every single war on the planet) and don’t render Russia’s war a “civil war” NOW, you should understand that this has been true since 2014.

Demand better from journalists and governments. Make them FIX their LIES.