Stop protecting Russia

The West’s response to Russia’s nuclear blackmail and threats of escalation has been to protect Russia.

“Protect Russia?”

Yes, protect Russia.

The West has treated Russian escalation threats as credible, and has made sure that Ukraine’s ability to defend itself is LIMITED.

The limits have been unjust and forced Ukraine to fight with one hand tied behind its back.

By refusing to provide Ukraine with aid that could effectively protect Ukrainian infrastructure, and strike military targets in Russia, Ukraine has been constrained, and Russia protected.

Russia must be deprived of its resources for aggression – not only financing its aggression, but the entire military machinery.

Instead, the West has played along with Russia’s “red lines” threats, and kept it insulated from the consequences of its ILLEGAL aggression.

We are not only allowing Russia to wage war protected from the consequences of that war, but we are effectively allowing Russia to establish the parameters of western policy. The parameters of restraint against evil, inspired by fear.

It’s true that the Kremlin’s threats may not always be idle ones meant to inspire fear and restrain response. It’s possible that not every “red line” will prove to be a false one.

But if our actions are guided by fear only then we have already lost. And this is not necessary.

This is not necessary, desirable, or safe.

We should not shield aggressors from the consequences of their crimes.

We should not restrain defence.

We should not restrain our fight to DEFEAT evil.

This restraint will be our ruin. OUR defeat. It doesn’t have to be this way.