“Stop War” is a Russian disinfo operation

I want to help people understand that “Stop War” from Russians does NOT mean “Russia, stop waging war.”

It means “Ukrainians, stop defending yourselves”.

Do NOT be fooled.

More than the dirty influence operation of “Stop the war” (rather than “Stop Russia”), these Russians are also promoting 2 more lies:

•that Ukrainians & Russians are “one people”
•that RU & UA are “the same” in guilt in the war

NO! Don’t buy this disinfo operation!

Asking innocent Ukrainians defending against an illegal and genocidal war of aggression to lay down their arms for “peace” is a devious way of advocating Ukrainian surrender.

Please do not be seduced by their lies.

To be credible, Russians must demand:
• RUSSIA stop waging its illegal war of aggression against Ukraine
• an immediate and unconditional end to Russian terror, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnocide, culturicide, linguicide and occupation of Ukraine
• war trials for ALL Russian war criminals
• full reparations to UA
• full restoration of UA’s territorial integrity, sovereignty & independence

They must recognize UA is the older nation, with a unique, separate & distinct identity from RU.

“Stop war” doesn’t do any of that.

Russians should be demanding an end to Russian chauvinism, imperialism, crimes, terror, and aggression across the globe, NOT calling for restraining the LEGAL right of the innocent victim to defend itself.