Russophile academics are not the gatekeepers on the truth about Ukraine

It’s appalling that the world of academia – which was ruled by thinkers who agreed by consensus that Moscow’s Holodomor genocide was NOT a genocide – have the gall to tell people what is and is not accurate and true about Ukraine’s historical figures.

“Read up for the truth about X!” is laughable. Which text shall we read for the “truth” as western academics of the russocentric and russophile era see it? The one that got the facts largely wrong, totally wrong, or pushed outright Kremlin narratives altogether?

How dare they tell Ukrainians what Ukraine’s actual history is? How dare they decide that THEY are the gatekeepers on the truth about Ukraine. How dare they – after spending decades and decades of spewing Kremlin-favourable narratives about history – claim to be truth tellers.

How dare they, after sitting in departments funded by Russian oligarchs (unofficial, but very real extensions of the Russian government) tell Ukrainians what the facts are about Ukrainian history, culture, nation builders, patriots, and heroes are.

Whatever sympathy they may have for Ukraine now, it does not change the system they made their way through and are a part of. It does not change their past.

And really, we should question their competence and ethics if it took THIS particular genocide to finally get them to open their eyes to the reality of Russia. Just the last 3 decades alone are enough to show a toddler exactly what Russia really is, never mind everything before.

I have no patience for the arrogance of these “experts” who polluted the field with Russian LIES about Russia’s victims. They do not know Ukraine, and they are not fit to speak the “truth” about it.