The devastating cost of Ukraine’s political mistakes

It feels to me like people’s short memories have allowed the reality of Yanukovych’s presidency to slip their minds.

No, Ukraine didn’t “survive” his presidency so well.

On Yanukovych’s watch, Ukrainians had a bloody revolution, and Ukraine was militarily invaded by Russia. Moscow’s now more than half decade of war has brought death, destruction and ruin to Ukraine.

No, things didn’t turn out “ok” because of civil society. In fact, much of that lauded “civil society” helped create a toxic environment in Ukraine that opened the window of opportunity for a candidate back by oligarchic and Kremlin machinery.

Ukraine is STILL battling Yanukovych’s legacy with Russia’s war, and the country is now poised to elect another Kremlin connected ruiner.
The price of Yanukovych’s presidency has been devastating.

Ever mistake can be corrected, but the cost can be too great. The potential cost of a president Zelensky shouldn’t be trivialized, and is not worth the risk.